is a cutting edge green design object for a new and conscious Urban Agriculture.
It is a small and solid brick of fertile Tuscan soils containing seeds of horticultural plants.
Orto in Italian means Vegetable Garden: If cultivated, it easily generates a micro vegetable garden to be tended to, otherwise it remains an object of design and communication.
OrtoBrick is conceived to be used in cities: it can grow in the office, at home, on your desk, or in the kitchen.
OrtoBrick is a seedbed designed to let you experience the early growing stages: it is a sustainable, symbolic, practical, and educational project.
OrtoBrick is created to promote environmental sustainability and knowledge about Plants. 100% natural and handmade.
OrtoBrick is a unique piece of natural and living design for your house: if you don’t water it, it keeps its message unchanged over time.



Put OrtoBrick in a recycled and perforated container or in a pot and add a little bit of water. Observe the soil, keep it moist and be patient. Take care of the plants when sprouts come out.


When plants grow, you can separate them, put them in pots, or directly in the ground, and share them  around your office, your home or in a social garden.


OrtoBrick is the perfect gift for design and green addicts and all those who want to have fun experimenting agriculture techinques.


If you are a brand and you are searching for a bespoke object with a vibrant message OrtoBrick is right for you. We customise both packaging and soil with your logo to create your unique, solid, powerful, conscious, growing brick.

OrtoBrick is available with the following Plant Species:


Or without seeds: SOIL – HUMUS

Eco friendly paper packaging with instructions on the inside.